Manufactured in Germany, the C40 (MKIII) Nitro Blade is built by true coffee enthusiasts, for true coffee enthusiasts.  The C40 is a robust, high performance coffee hand grinder with an advanced burr set made of a very special high alloyed, high nitrogen stainless steel— a result of dedicated research and development.

The thoughtful manufacturing put into the C40 has produced a tough, wear resistant burr set, with a high degree of edge retention. The grind result of the C40 gives a very refined particle size distribution for all grind grades, from the coarser grinds sought after for brewing methods like the french press and pour overs, to the very fine grinds used for pulling espresso shots.

The body of the C40 is made of stainless steel and wrapped in a genuine wood layer, giving a unique aesthetic in either Natural Oak, or Natural Bamboo.

The knob on the C40 is hand made of Natural Oak, and is mounted with a push button mechanism that connects directly to the ergonomic crank arm, making it easy to remove and re-apply.

The Grind Selection on the C40 consists of a dial at the bottom of the grinder that incorporates a click action, using three independent stainless steel micro ball bearings to assure a balanced pressure to hold your desired burr and grind setting.

Included with the Comandante C40, are two glass jar attachments and one lid, for use with the grinder, as well as storage for both whole bean and ground coffee.