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Hario Drip Scales


The Hario Drip Scales are one of the most popular coffee brewing scales on the market due to the speed, accuracy, reliability and aesthetics. The Pour Over and General Purpose Coffee scale is the perfect accompaniment to your Pour Over set up. The Hario scales allow you to measure weight and also time simultaneously to ensure the perfect cup of filter coffee. Among many other outstanding features the Hario Coffee Scales have proven to be a winner in the filter coffee arena.

The Hario Drip Scale is also compatible with Hario’s Drip Stand range by simply sliding under the stand ensuring a completely even weigh and time during brewing.

The weight accuracy changes as the weight increases: 2-200g – 0.1g 200-500g – 0.5g 500 – 2kg – 1g The scale also displays brewing time.

Brief Instructions:

Simply add batteries and turn the scale on. All features and instructions are available in the included manual with every scale.


1 x Hario Coffee Scale

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