The Espro Press helps you make a clean cup, with all of the delicate flavours and aromas that fully express your coffee. You will taste the coffee, and not the grounds. And the cup you drink tomorrow is as good as the cup you drink today.

Just add your coffee, your hot water and steep for four minutes with the lid on. Press down slowly and you've got your coffee, ready to drink now or later.


  • Filters your coffee twice -The two filters inside the Espro Press are 9-12 times finer than a common french press. The filters get beneath the grinds, which leaves you with all of the flavour and none of the grit.
  • Two vacuum insulated stainless walls - Keeps your coffee hot for hours and there's no glass to break!
  • Robust - Whether it's for home, or in a busy cafe/restaurant, the Espro Press can take it.
  • Filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free, made from USA-manufactured materials in Canada